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Are You in Danger? An Eating Disorders Quiz

Are You in Danger?
An Eating Disorders Quiz

The following questions are part of a longer quiz that can help you decide if you are at risk for an eating disorder.
  1. Even though people tell me I'm thin, I feel fat.
  2. I get anxious if I can't exercise.
  3. My periods come irregularly—or not at all.
  4. I worry about what I will eat.
  5. If I gain weight, I get anxious and depressed.
  6. I would rather eat by myself than with family or friends.
  7. I feel guilty when I eat.
  8. My eating habits and fear of food interfere with friendships or romantic relationships.
Want to take the full quiz? You can find it at

Adapted with permission of the Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc., 1998. All rights reserved. back to top
Last Modified Date: 2/13/2001
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