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Welcome to iEmily.com, the health and wellness web site just for girls.

You don't have to be named Emily, or even know someone who is, to enjoy this informative, fun, and interactive site!



What's the deal with the HPV Vaccine?

You might have been hearing talk about a great new technology that can prevent an STD and even some cancers. Here's the lowdown on the HPV Vaccine.
read more..


When It's Your Skin Against the World: Eczema

What's dry and scaly and makes you itch like crazy? Eczema is unpredictable—it flares up at various points in a girl's life and can be irritated by certain chemicals in cosmetics and moisturizers. Learn the facts about this chronic skin condition. read more..


World Beat Eats:
Try Some Mexican

Take your taste buds south of the border without saying adios to a healthy diet. Authentic Mexican cooking is known for its flavorful, healthy sauces. You can even have chocolate on your chicken! read more...


When It Feels Like You've Got the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders

Depression can be triggered by many different life events. Learn what causes depression and why some people get depressed when others don't. read more...



Color Your World:
What You See Is What You Get

If you've ever picked out a bright shirt on a dark day to cheer yourself up, you know something about color therapy. But that's only the beginning. read more...




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